Jerk Chicken tacos


I made jerk chicken tacos for dinner tonight. They were incredible! I use tomato, pineapple, red onion and cilantro as the salsa. So simple! yet so amazing! The jerk comes into play by chopping up chicken into a pain and sprinkling as much jerk seasoning as you like. That’s it!




I made such an amazing juice today.

  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Beets
  • Lemon
  • Lime

It tastes amazing! The beets really give it an earthy taste in which I am not hating! haha. It tastes super healthy, haha. The end results turned into a juice that looks like a magical sunset:


How beautiful is this ^

There was a ton of pulp left over. I have been feeling bad throwing all of the fiber that is left over from the vegetables and fruit! I mean, look at it all (below) there has to be a good use for the pulp. I did some research and I am going to make some breakfast muffins with it tomorrow!


Withdrawal- already?

I know it is only day 1 but I am feeling very off? My body is so used to eating and drinking whatever it wants all day/everyday and today I have limited it. The idea of just juicing with fruits and vegetables and having chicken for dinner is great- but I don’t think I can do it. I AM going to do that- but I will need something else to snack on during the day. I am going to limit my snacking which is huge for me- and I will pick healthier options. i.e. tonight I have had a few vegetable crackers with laughing cow cheese. ~~ a lot better than last nights snack of filling up on dill pickle chips and onion dip! ha ha.

Tomorrow I am going to the Matthew Good concert in Toronto! I will be spending the day in Toronto with a friend and we will be getting dinner and drinks. So, it is safe to say that tomorrow will not be a diet friendly day- but I just have to jump back on the horse the next day. That was my main problem with dieting before.. if I messed up one day- I would throw the whole diet out the window. I am not doing that this time!

Day 1


I woke up and prepped all of my vegetables and fruit for the next week! *I hope it lasts a week* Especially since it is a lot of work- it took me all morning to prep, wash and juice. The juice I made today consists of:

  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Oranges
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Parsley

& probably a few more ingredients. I was kind of throwing stuff in near the end! All in all it tastes incredible. Brad isn’t a huge fan- probably because he doesn’t like ginger that much! All of those fruits and vegetables made 2 pitchers of juice. I would say that will give me 6 or 7 meal replacements? I am not too sure!

So far today I have had two juices (about 32oz of juice) — I put together some chicken and veggies for dinner. It looks incredible. Just simply chicken, honey and basil! My plan is to snack on unlimited fruits and veggies~ more so veggies~ if I find I am hungry.


I am ready!

I went out this evening with my friend Tiana and I got a bunch of fruits and vegetables- $100 worth to be exact. Wow! I know juicing can be expensive but I hope with $100 worth of fruits and vegetables that it will at least last a week or so! If it doesn’t I may need to cut back on the juicing and maybe juice for one meal a day and eat chicken for lunch and dinner? I will see tomorrow how far these fruits and vegetables will get me, ha ha. I am not going to lie- I am super excited about adapting a healthier lifestyle. I am so sick of feeling so sick and tired all of the time. I know it won’t be easy and the cravings will hit hard! I will be sure to post my ups and downs on here for you all to read! I know in the end it will be worth it.

Stenosis of the uterine cervix?

I am also going to be writing about my personal issues regarding my extremely painful periods in this blog. I am always the first one to speak up regarding issues of the reproductive system as I am a huge advocate for endometriosis, adenomyosis etc.

I have suffered with severe, debilitating periods since day 1. I had seen a gynecologist and when I was 19 years old she did exploratory surgery to diagnose me with endometriosis. That surgery came up clear– and I continued to suffer for years and years believing that the pain I feel is normal and that maybe I just have a low pain tolerance. Around this time last year I decided that enough is enough. I’ve been suffering for way too long- there is NO WAY that this amount of pain is just the result of a bad period. I mean, I missed school, work, family functions, trips and even today I have to plan my work schedule around my time of the month. The pain I experience gets so severe that it feels as if there is a huge pressure in my uterus area (it feels like I need to bare down and push something out) I make 10 trips over a 4 hour period to the washroom thinking that I have to have a bowel movement.. when in reality I know I don’t. Like I just mentioned- the pain lasts a good 4-6 hours and during these hours I am rolling around on my bed- as I repeat “I can’t get away.. I don’t know what to do?” No words can describe the amount of pain I experience during the first day of my period- more so during the ‘initial pain’ as I like to call it. I took it into my own hands and researched for a specialist in Endometriosis which is the only thing I assumed could be wrong with me? I mean, maybe the doctor who did my surgery missed it?

I found Dr. Laroche. Upon my first visit with Dr. Laroche- I left with hope. He never once made me feel as if this was all in my head and that it was something I would have to just ‘deal’ with. He sent me for an ultrasound that looks inside my tubes and uterus etc and that all came up clear- although, Dr. Laroche stated that he does not believe I have Endometriosis but he thinks I have stenosis of the uterine cervix- which means my cervix may be too narrow for the blood to pass through when I get my period- so as the blood is trying to come out- it is having a hard time and in return is causing pressure and intense pain.

Dr. Laroche did a procedure a few months ago to dilate my cervix- he used metal rods to slowly dilate my cervix. My gosh! that was painful. The period I had after dilation was bad but I didn’t get my severe cramps! Which was a huge plus. We moved forward and Dr. Laroche recommended another procedure where he would dilate my cervix again, but this time he would use Laminaria (Seaweed) yes, seaweed! He placed two rods into my cervix.. the procedure was not too bad- but the whole ordeal was the most uncomfortable experience of my life. The seaweed had to stay in my cervix overnight and he removed it the next morning. I had constant cramping all night- it was horrid! I was so nervous because TMI I swore I could feel them wanting to fall out. He removed the seaweed around 8am the next day and stated that my cervix had dilated 9. Now, I didn’t ask what 9 meant– mm? cm? who knows! I should have asked. The day after he removed the seaweed I woke up at 4am with a sharp pain around my right ovary which felt like bad gas pain- it hurt to walk and stand for the rest of the day. I couldn’t even get into a comfortable position. My period ended up coming later on that night (it was not due for another 4 days) and guess what! NO PAIN WHAT SO EVER. It was amazing. TMI again- I had passed clots and usually my pain stems from that I believe.. but there was no pain. Fast forward to this months period which was the period after my pain free one. I had severe PMS symptoms.. I swore I was walking around in a cloud. My head was foggy and I kept getting migraines, ugh! Anyway, my period came and I got the severe pain. TMI yet again.. I had went to the bathroom during this pain and passed a clot (nothing huge or anything) but when I stood up to go back to my bed- an overwhelming dizziness and nausea swept over me and it felt as if I was going to pass out. It was so scary. The only plus about this period was that the pressure sensation was not as strong?

I see Dr. Laroche on the 21st of this month for a follow up from the seaweed procedure. We will see what he has to say! In my honest opinion, I don’t feel as if another dilation will be beneficial. I don’t know if it is worth it to be just one month pain free. I wonder if there is a surgery that could be done? or maybe Brad and I’s best bet is to have a baby? We will see.